Flower truck rolls into Knoxville, diversifies mobile business scene

Flower truck rolls into Knoxville, diversifies mobile business scene, A new business rolled into Central Filling Station food truck park Saturday afternoon.

It was the only truck in the lot not selling food because food trucks aren’t just for food anymore.

It’s new businesses like the Flourish Flower Truck that are proving success isn’t always in a storefront. Sometimes it’s selling flowers out of a refurbished old truck.

“I saw some of these popping up around the area and I could not get the idea out of my mind,” said owner Savannah Pannell.

The sleek setup seems simple, but it’s been a year long labor of love for Pannell to make her dream bloom to life.

“No business experience, financials, nothing like that,” she said. “It’s all been a learning curve.”

A nurse by trade and longtime flower fanatic, Pannell wants to share her passion with Knoxville.

She thinks it will be easier to do on wheels.

“I like the idea of bringing things to people instead of the other way around,” said Pannell. “The idea of being stuck in a storefront wasn’t really what I was going for, and I love the idea of being involved in the community and being out with people.”

Whether it’s food or flowers, mobile businesses are becoming more popular in Knoxville.

“It’s an exciting time for food trucks and some of the other mobile businesses, I think just because there’s a lot of people that are finding this to be an easier path to starting their own business,” said Scott Larrick, co-owner of Central Filling Station. “It’s allowing people to get sort of get in the game faster, and more independently.”

And many, like Pannell, don’t have any plans to change out their wheels for a permanent spot.

“End goal is to do flower farming alongside it and grow my own stuff to put in the truck,” said Pannell.

She’s excited to see what future her new business holds.

“I do think Knoxville is a great city for this. I think the community will really love it.”

Flourish Flower Truck and so many other mobile businesses in Knoxville are, as their name suggests, always on the move.

The best way to track them down is to follow your favorites on social media.

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